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Ameren Safety Inspection

This is a Re-Inspection for Disconnected Services. Re-Inspection of an electrical system that has been disconnected for 6 months or more is required before the system can be energized by the electric utility. This is referred to as an Ameren Hook Up or Safety Inspection. This is required to assure that your electrical system is still in good working order and meets current Property Maintenance Code.

This is to be applied for by the owner, tenant, manager, etc. here online or in person at the Electrical Inspection Office.

The information you should be prepared to provide is:

  • Premise # (this is the # that Ameren assigns to your electrical service)*
  • Description (Description of where the service is or what it serves)
  • Address of property to be inspected
  • Name of contact
  • Phone number of contact
  • E-mail address

The cost of each inspection requested is $30.00. Fees are non-refundable once submitted. Acceptable forms of payment are:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Electronic Check (ACH / Check21) - (you will need your routing and account numbers located on your checks).

You can contact AmerenUE for your premise # by calling them at 314-992-6619 or 866-992-6619

If you have any questions, call us at 314-622-3325

There is a 2.55% processing fee, with a minimum of $1.55, that is added for credit cards.
There is a flat fee of $1.50 added for e-checks.
The City does not receive any of these funds. Thank you for your cooperation.

This is not a permit for new work. - If you have any questions, call us at 314-622-3325

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